by Carol J. Goldstein

June 28, 2004

Dear Rita,

Thank you so much for helping me with acupuncture treatments twice a week
from Nov. 23, 2003 through Dec. 9, 2003. I am so lucky to have met you because
due to your treatments, my broken clavicle bone healed much more quickly than
it might have. In addition, I was able to move it far sooner and thankfully
did not have a frozen shoulder. I also appreciated the fact that most all of my
treatments included massage of my neck, shoulders and back, all of which had
a lot of swelling and pain since my November 1, 2003 accident. As you recall,
my tire blew, and my car crashed thirty feet down under Hwy. 805. It was
very traumatic. I believe the special heat lamp treatments you did for me got
deep into the area of my clavicle and helped heal it even more quickly. And acupuncture also helped calm my emotions.

Before I saw you, I was unable to raise my arm and was still on heavy-duty
pain medication. I could only bend my arm slightly. At the first session, you
helped me to raise my arm much higher. Although it was painful, it gave me
hope I would really have a chance to get better more quickly and not end up
with a frozen shoulder. After one week of treatment I was able to start lowering
the amount of pain meds, and by the 10th treatment was able to go down to 1/2
pain pill. I was soon able to quit the meds altogether. The natural herbs
you gave me for pain helped and as importantly, they arena£á?t addictive. Also,
the special herbal sport patches you put on the painful areas really helped
relieve the pain. I wore them nightly on my shoulder, on the back of my neck and
on my leg that had the blood clot. This helped those areas with healing, and
helped soothe them so I could sleep better. As of the 10th visit, the pain
in my leg disappeared and I was able to go almost all day not wearing my sling.
Kaiser (my health insur. co.) didn't want me to have physical therapy until
some time in Jan. 04, at which time they said the Xrays should show a complete healing of my shoulder. Then therapy would be safe.

Thank goodness for you, dear Rita! Three weeks after my accident you explained why I had to start acupuncture. I trusted you, and at the first appointment, you showed me how I could move my arm. It was amazing!

However, you told me that since I waited three weeks after the accident before starting acupuncture, there was blood stagnation and my circulation was very
poor, causing increased and continued pain. Also, I had an infection in my
shoulder and therefore additional pain. All of this was slowing my healing
process. Due to your treatments, I was able to start teaching again January 5, 2004. Thank you also for your continued support.


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