by Yuk Tam

"I just wanted to take the time to recognize and thank Dr. Rita Huang for her superior knowledge and practice of Chinese acupuncture and medicine.

Having grown up in the Chinese community and being able to speak the language has given me some insight on the foundation of Chinese medicine and how it works.  I have seen many acupuncturists throughout the US in my travels and because of my two injuries due to training negligence, I often seek acupuncture for treatment.

Dr. Rita Huang is truly among the best.  When I came to her two years ago, my neck and back injuries had flared up bringing with it lots of pain and discomfort.  I have seen five different acupuncturist and herbalist in the San Diego area.  Two of the doctors were able to neutralize the pain but it returned usually after a week of treatment.  It wasnˇ¦t until I met Rita and told her of my condition.  She patiently waited till I finished speaking and then asked me a lot of questions regarding my health, my past, my job, what I ate (my normal diet) and especially my stress-level.  After the initial two weeks, she was able to take away my pain and discomfort for both my neck and back.  But she warned me of several things I needed to do. A change in my lifestyle and in my diet must be made for me to make a full recovery.  Certain food items like caffeine, bananas, mangoes, and spicy foods were all to be avoided in my case.  At first I didnˇ¦t believe her, until one day, while studying at Starbucks, I ordered a Frappaccino and within an hour, my neck started to hurt once again.  I thought to myself, I didnˇ¦t workout nor have I done anything to injure myself recently.  Then it dawned on me, the caffeine.  After two hours of flushing my system out with water, the pain subsided.  Since then, I have taken caffeine out of my diet altogether.

Rita explained to me that those food items I needed to avoid bring about an imbalance to the five elements in my body and how it works.  As a Chinese person, I understand this fully on how the five elements system works.  Too bad other Chinese doctors do not have this knowledge or if they did, did not share it with me.

I am very grateful and appreciate Dr. Huang. She has helped me out so much.  Every time, I visit, I learn something new about Chinese medicine.

I hope that all who are reading this find this information useful in your decision on Chinese medicine and acupuncture and I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Rita Huang."


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